Friday, July 25, 2008

Blast from the Past

Hi All! Just thought I'd post some old pictures- my happy pictures as I call them. I still don't know where my cable is for my camera to transfer it to the computer, and I am clueless on how to transfer pictures from my blackberry- I did try!!! So, I came across these pictures when I scanned them for the family reunion last month, and thought I'd share! Enjoy!

Don't we make a cute couple? This was taken the day after he proposed to me.

My mother's father: Grandpa Call holding me.

I think this one is when I was 6 years old

This picture of Emma always cracks me up!!! Isn't she cute?!

Ash and Em at my favorite Pumpkin farm that doesnt exist anymore- Westside Farms

My father: Grandpa Potter, holding Emma in Yosemite

Back in my glory days when I used to run- I used to be fast!

Me napping with my father-

My little Monkey Lukey Pukey Wukey


Jessica said...

Holy Moly! Not that you and Andrew look old now, but you look so incredibly young in that picture! Almost like Jr. Prom or something... :) What fun pics of your kids too!

Ryan and Rebekah said...


Well I hope this is the right place to leave a message. I haven't posted messages to anyone else yet. I got your email and I'm hoping this will give you mine. If not go to
you pics are so fun to look at I love the old ones. I had so much fun today. It's fun to get out and be myself. Let's do it again soon.

Love Beck

Melissa said...

Those are such great pictures! Thanks for sharing!