Monday, November 3, 2008

Prop. 8 Story

I just wanted to share an experience that I had the other day. I posted a picture with the big "yes for 8" sign on my car.. I know it's an "in your face" sign, but it's something that I believe strongly in. Those who know me, know that I don't put signs up or announce to the world my political/moral beliefs, so this was a first for me.

Anyway, I was driving and noticed that i needed to get gas, so I pulled into a gas station. I pulled into an empty "stall", and someone else was in front of me filling his car. A man in a big SUV pulled in behind me, I guess he saw my big, "in your face" sign on my car, and started getting mad at me, so he pulled over and parked to the other side of my car. Another man (older man with a wife) pulled in behind me- "waiting in line". I found myself blocked in and trapped, the man that parked his car aside mine got out of the car and started walking around my car, yelling at me and at my car.. started walking to the man that was filling up his tank in front of me.. pointing to me and making obscenities at me.. I was TERRIFIED!!! The man waiting behind me saw how scared I was and pulled back out so that i could wiggle back out and escape. I had a silent prayer that i would get out asked for protection. Once I got out, i saw the older man get out of his car and start walking to the other men.. basically scolding him for freaking me out. I know that once I put this sign up on my car, that it would stir things up and cause problems, but it was something that I felt strongly about, and felt that I would be protected. I am so grateful that it was just me in the car that day, and not my husband. I feel that if it was Andrew, then it would have been more physical. I have read so many stories about people getting hurt over this.... Anyway, just wanted to share... I hope and pray for every one's safety while there is so much chaos in this perilous times.