Wednesday, December 31, 2008

blogging from my blackberry

Hello!!! I thought I'd try blogging from my phone and see how it works. We are enroute to Big Bear to go play in the snow. We have never been to Big Bear.. So hopefully it won't be so crowded there...

We've been having a GREAT vacation! We went to the movies in Irvine... Went on a GIANT ferris wheel- the biggest one I've ever seen- and I've seen a few!

We went to Knotts Berry Farms on Monday, and had a blast!It was so much fun to go on all the crazy rides with the kids.. Luke went on his first upside down ride (like the tidal wave at great america) he loved it!!! He wasn't quite tall enough to go on a ride similiar to Top Gun, but he waited for us patiently- while the rest of us got on as a family.. I didn't know how Emma would do- I guess my kids take after me!!!! We've been having fun together- playing games, watching TV, staying in our jammies all day.

I don't know if I can figure out how to download a picture from my phone... But yes, I will have to post pictures like I promised.

Hope you all have a Happy New Years! I got cute hats and tiaras for us for tonight. Andrew's going to make pizza and we'll probably play games and watch movies... It's sad to think that all this fun will end in a few days- Hopefully we can go to the beach, go bowling before this vacation comes to an end.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Dear Friends~

Hope this Holiday Season finds you all healthy and happy!

I just thought I'd write and update you all about what's happening with the Clawsons......

The children and I are all off for 2 weeks, so we're going to really try and enjoy it! Andrew won't be off until after work on Christmas Eve day for a few days. We are looking forward to enjoying spending time with the family during those few days. Hopefully we will be able to give our children all the attention that they need or want for the next few months in a few days! (smile)

The kids are doing well in school- I'm proud of the way that they've grown. Ashley only has 6 more months before she goes to Jr High! Scary!!!!! I'm not sure who is taller now, her or me.. but like everyone else in the Clawson side says, " it's not hard to be taller than you (me)!"

Emma got her braces a few days before Halloween, she has been able to adjust to it. She has to wear it for 18 months.. Ashley only has a year left before hers is taken off. I'm not sure if Luke will need them, I'm crossing my fingers that he won't, it is so darn expensive!

Last week, all 3 kids performed in the Nutcracker at their school. What a WONDERFUL experience it was to see all the hard work that they've done - come together- into a beautiful program. The kids really enjoyed doing that. I will post pictures on the blog later, when I have some time. They all looked so CUTE in their costumes. We were able to make a movie on MY new camera that I got for my birthday, but Andrew needs to figure out how to make copies and then we'll send them off to family... We also found out that the director was able to get a video made and will have copies available after Christmas break.

I finished my last final on Monday, and just saw my grades online, and saw that I still have my 4.0 gpa!!! Andrew wasn't surprised- he actually said, " I wouldn't expect any less from you!" So, I hope he'll still be proud of me even if I don't keep that up!!! I guess education is so important to me. I wish my kids would see that. It's just too bad that my grades from when I was 17 and 18 at the JC has to follow me around- I had a 1.8 gpa back then!!!! I'll be taking a class during the winter session, Psych 9. We'll see how that goes, hopefully I can keep up with the fast paced classes.

Andrew is still loving his job- So, I'm glad that we're here... It makes a big difference in our family when he's happy and I'm happy as well. There are times where we get too busy and that's when we get a bit cranky- but it doesnt last for long! :-)

We just found out on Monday, that we will have to look for another place to live. The owner of the house, this nice big house that we love... has decided to give it up and turn it over to the bank. We were stressed about what we were going to do. We don't have money saved for a deposit to put towards another house, so after going to church today and talking to someone about the situation, a woman told us to talk to a man who deals with foreclosures. He was able to give us some information. He said from the time that the bank puts a notice on our door, we have 5 months or maybe more to move. So, we feel a lot better knowing that we don't have to rush and find a place right away. Hopefully we can save some money and be able to find another place or maybe continue to rent this home from the bank, who knows what the situation is, there's a silver lining somewhere! I know of it and I feel it! Our Branch President told us today during tithing settlement, that because we are full time tithe payers that we will be blessed, I just had a warm feeling inside, that everything will be OKAY!

We are really truly blessed... After church today, our branch had a gathering to share Christmas treats.. I was looking at the members, and how much LOVE... LOVE... that I have for the members. The branch has become my family. I know that I feel alone at times, with no close friends like I used to in SR, but, there's so much LOVE there....Yes, there are those who gossip, or have bad attitudes, and such, but, it's everywhere...

I am so grateful for my family and for Andrew. Andrew and I have grown so much as a couple since moving here. We've had some rough times, but we've had to rely on each other with no friends to go talk to. Emma asked her dad today who his best friend was, and he told her," your mother." How good that was to hear that he sees me that way! He's my best friend for time and all eternity!

So, my dear ones...I hope that this season makes you look inside yourselves and see how blessed all of you are! Everyone is blessed with something, it's up to you to find it and acknowledge it (them).

Much Love to You....

The Clawson Family