Wednesday, December 31, 2008

blogging from my blackberry

Hello!!! I thought I'd try blogging from my phone and see how it works. We are enroute to Big Bear to go play in the snow. We have never been to Big Bear.. So hopefully it won't be so crowded there...

We've been having a GREAT vacation! We went to the movies in Irvine... Went on a GIANT ferris wheel- the biggest one I've ever seen- and I've seen a few!

We went to Knotts Berry Farms on Monday, and had a blast!It was so much fun to go on all the crazy rides with the kids.. Luke went on his first upside down ride (like the tidal wave at great america) he loved it!!! He wasn't quite tall enough to go on a ride similiar to Top Gun, but he waited for us patiently- while the rest of us got on as a family.. I didn't know how Emma would do- I guess my kids take after me!!!! We've been having fun together- playing games, watching TV, staying in our jammies all day.

I don't know if I can figure out how to download a picture from my phone... But yes, I will have to post pictures like I promised.

Hope you all have a Happy New Years! I got cute hats and tiaras for us for tonight. Andrew's going to make pizza and we'll probably play games and watch movies... It's sad to think that all this fun will end in a few days- Hopefully we can go to the beach, go bowling before this vacation comes to an end.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys have been having such a great time together! Hope you're taking lots of pictures for great memories! :)