Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello All!

Finally an update on the Clawson family! The kiddos have been out of school for 2 weeks! Ashley got an award for being on the honor roll for 5th grade. We're all proud of her, because we know how she works hard. Math is a hard subject for her. Her teacher has been really good with Ashley, and tutored her 2x's a week after school. I can't believe that my little girl is going into 6th grade!

Emma did well in school, we hope that she'll have Ashley's old 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Fairfax was tough, but we think Emma can rise up to the challenge. She's a smart little cookie!

Luke also did very well in school, he's hoping to get Emma's old 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Jimenez, who we loved. I spoke to her and told her that I hoped that Luke gets in her class, and she told me not to worry, because she'd already been "fighting" for him. Smile!

Andrew has been busy with work- same old- He likes his job- there are just some "idiots" as he calls it that he has to deal with. Smile.

I just finished a semester. I took 4 classes and I just found out that I got straight A's this semester!!! Kudos to my family -especially Andrew for always helping out; making dinner, helping clean, taking care of the kids etc... I love you!!!! Now I'm starting to get a bit nervous about taking a year of Anatomy along with Psych 9, Speech 9, English 1A. My counselor told me that once I've got those classes under my belt I would only need 4 more stinking units before I can get my A.S. degree! I have been doing some research on the deaf in the nursing program. There are not many deaf nurses, just a handful. There's even a club for the deaf in the medical field, and a book! It's exciting to research and find that it is POSSIBLE to do this! I have a VR counselor who doesn't really support me in pursuing my dream. She said to me, " Who the heck would hire a deaf nurse?" I told her that I did not appreciate her squashing my dream. She basically told me to be "realistic." UMMMM...

If I do get accepted into the nursing program, I'll have to find all the assistive listening devices to help me, like for the stethescope, and such. So.. wish me luck!!! If I do get accepted, I'll start next fall. It's nerve wracking to realize how fast time flies, and before I know it.. I'll be deep in the throes of a cadaver studying all the body parts!

We're all doing well! Andrew and I are very busy with our callings. It seems as though we never get a chance to just sit and relax at church. I am getting ready to go set up for Encrichment meeting. We're making aprons made out of towels. I have a fabulous committee, that is willing to help me with whatever needs to be done! KUDOS to you!!!

On another note, on Monday, Tigger got out of the house, and was missing for 3 days! We went looking for him, and we found him at our old house with another "friend" cat. So, we were all happy that he's home and safe. Now we know where to look for him. It was heart wrecnching to take him away from his "friend." Emma kept telling me that Tigger ran off and got married, so when we saw the 2 cats together, she kept telling me, " I told you mommy! he ran off and got married!"


Auntie D said...

Congratulations Sarah!! Straight A's is a huge accomplishment, and while raising your family. I'm so proud of all the scholars in your way smart family.

Jessica said...

Yeah for the Clawson's! You guys are such hard workers! Even Tigger was working on expanding his horizons apparently! :) Good job on Enrichment. It turned out awesome!

Rachel said...

I hear ya on the unhelpful counselor thing. I talked with one at the J.C. once who told me I didn't have what it took to get into Berkeley. HA! You can do it!!!!