Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still Alive!!

Hello Everybody!

Yeah, I know it's been a month... Can't I make excuses huh? This post is just to let you know that yes, we're still alive and kicking! The children's last day of school is May 29th, so they're pretty stoked that there's only a few weeks left. My last day of school is June 11th (that's when I have my last final) As far as I know, I'm getting straight A's in all my classes, so hopefully I can just keep that going for a few more weeks.

Andrew is still being WONDERFUL! He surprised all the sisters in our branch, including me, by making huge cinnamon rolls for mother's day. The women had a hard time believing that Andrew made them. They thought it was either store bought or made in a bread machine. I know for a fact that there were quite a few women who were jealous that I have a husband that can make delicious cinnamon rolls! Smile! I'm lucky aren't I?

I took Luke in to the orthodontist, and he got fitted for an appliance to help him stop sucking his thumb. It's going to be costly, but I hope that this will work. It has 4 spikes and will be hanging on the roof of his mouth. He will need to wear it for between 4 to 5 months. He gets the appliance put on this coming Monday.

Last week, we celebrated Luke and Andrew's birthday, Luke wanted a build a bear, so we took him to the Build a Bear factory at the Ontario Mills Mall. He picked out a cute monkey and put a heart inside, stuffed it, and picked out clothes for it. He picked out a fly fisherman outfit, complete with a fishing pole with fish on the string! Luke named his new friend, Andy, it's cute!
Emma has one that she bought with her birthday money a cat named Sophia, and the 2 kids look so cute carrying it around and cuddling with their "friends"

Andrew purchased fly fishing stuff that got stolen out of the garage when our garage got broken into last year. He is planning on taking Luke on a fishing trip this weekend, so, we'll see!

Ashley has been going to different band concerts and playing the flute. She enjoys playing the flute, so hopefully she can keep at it and get better.

Hope all is well!


Welcome to Our Family said...

Hi! It's Kim M.. I was wondering if you could teach me how to create a blog and put pics up sometime. That would be so cool! Email me when you get a chance.

Auntie D said...

So good to know you are alive!! ha ha

I want to apologize to all of you for not calling or writing and especially to Luke and Andrew...I could have sworn that I had mailed birthday presents before I went to Virginia, but last night I found the package in my Car!! I will mail them tomorrow.

I am so excited to see you all in Utah in a couple of weeks.

Love you all

Jessica said...

The cinnamon rolls were heavenly!! I know *I'm* jealous, lol, so I'm sure the other women are also! Congrats on all the A's. Keep up the good work! We've been thinking of taking the girls to Build A Bear... now it's even higher on my priority list :)