Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rockin' N Rollin'


Yes, you read right! I was on the videophone talking to my sister, and all of a sudden, I feel a loud BOOM! I was sitting on the couch- unable to think but hold on to my couch for dear life! It took me by surprise! Yes, I have been through many earthquakes, but still... My sister saw the shaking images, my t.v. was shaking and my couch was as well. Tigger ran around like crazy- meowing- unsure of what happened. I felt a few more aftershocks. The epicenter was a stone's throw away and it was scary to think, that if it was any worse, there would be a problem. I tried to call Andrew- the phone lines- no matter how many times or different numbers I tried to call had a busy signal. I finally got a hold of Andrew's work- I think it was the secretary- he had gone out to lunch. He paged me back and told me that he was out at lunch and didn't even feel it! Good Riddance! I called the children's schools, thankfully it happened during lunch recess, so the children were already outside. Everything was ok. So, I felt better- but this ordeal has made me realize that I better have my emergency kits ready, and I know we have one, but we probably need to update it. and make it possible so that if I'm at home alone with no hubby, I can carry it.

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Jessica said...

It was very scary! I also need to update our 72 hour backpacks, especially to include things for the baby. And get one back in the car for Brad to have at work.