Friday, April 3, 2009

Ok!!Ok!!! Don't Kill me Alright!!

So- It's been 4 MONTHS!!!! Phew! How Do I fit 4 months in a blog??

I shouldn't be blogging.. I should be working on my Plato/Wright Essay... but I am sitting here staring at the computer screen drawing a BLANK!!! I'd rather be Facebooking and stalking everyone! ;-)

So, I thought I'd post something, so that I can keep my friends!!

Anyway- Here's some highlights on what the Clawsons have done the last 4 months.....

* Mommy made the children and the hubby suffer as I went to school during the short 6 week winter session.

* Mommy continued to make the children and hubby suffer as I went back to school after a 4 day break in between semesters!!! Don't hate me alright!! :-)

* Mommy and Daddy makes the children suffer as we go to church for long hours.. meetings galore!!! (I'm think the kids think that they better have a place in Heaven!! Snickering!)

* Mommy makes the family suffer when there's drama going on - I don't have to 'splain myself alright!!! (still snickering)

* Mommy leaves the children to go and clean someone else's house... (come on.. the children think it's the best... and destroys the house!! not snickering anymore!!)

* Mommy and Daddy gets walked all over- not 'splaining that one either....

* Mommy and Daddy leaves the kids one day and goes house hunting.... and we say- not doing that again!! (the leaving kids part!)

* Mommy and Daddy look at houses.... thought this was supposed to be fun!! After a while they all start to look the same.... This is also our way of torturing the children- by draggin them everywhere with us for hours!!! (we're still thinking of ways to torture them some more! snickering again!! ;-)

* Mommy tortures Daddy and begs him to explain tonicity and hypertonicty and hypotonicity.... in the tropical rain forest!!... Yes.. my Anatomy teacher likes to make weird comparisons! (stopped snickering..... :-/)

* Mommy and Daddy are busy and busy with our callings-... Sometimes we say- Oh boy!! Let's go to a different ward and just sit at church and have no resposnibilities!! Then we wake up and think- oh.. Dream on Baby!!! We've been snookered!

(There better be a place for us in Heaven!! )

* Mommy and Daddy lets Emma Wemma have a slumber party for her first double digit B-day.. ( What were we thinkin'?) Oh yeah!! We love Emma!!! We had fun making mini pizzas and blowing up a million pink balloons, and letting children run around crazy- Good times!!!

* Daddy goes to a meeting for Ashley's Science Camp- Ashley sees her best friend's mama crying... because she will miss her daughter.. Emma, Luke say.... BYE BYE Ashley- BYE BYE!!! (snickering) I have to say... It will be nice to have peace and quiet for a few days.. without the phone ringing all the time... - but of course I have to say I will miss my tween!!

* Mommy took the kiddos to Disney and CA Adventure... and ended up throwing up driving home..... I know (tmi)

* Mommy and Daddy and the children are hoping that after all the (sniff) torture that we put them through looking for a new home, that one of our offers will be accepted... We're DONE!!! ( I love our realtor... so if he reads this... don't get us wrong... We love you and appreciate all the work you've done for us...)

* Mommy and Daddy will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in a few days- and all we can think about is.. how are we going to pay our taxes, and waiting to hear about whether or not our offer has been accepted..... Fun Fun!!!

* Mommy and Daddy love our children... and are so grateful to have each other. We are so deeply blessed! We can feel love and support from our family and friends... And hopes that our faithful readers still love us!!! ;-)


Melissa said...

Wow, a new post. I am thrilled you fit it into your busy, crazy life! You plannin' on being in SR at all this summer?

Karen said...

Well, it's about time you updated your blog. It's not like you've been busy or anything! LOL! Good luck with the house offer. How exciting!

Cindy said...

So glad you posted an update. I know, life gets crazy and yours sure seems super crazy busy right now. Good luck with the house hunting. Keep us all posted!

Elisa (Nana) said...

Love the update!

Sorry I am never actually in front of the computer when you IM me. I would love to catch you when we both have some time...yeah right! rotfl

Looking forward to that special event in a couple of months so I can see you guys!