Friday, January 18, 2008


Hello All!

It's been a while, going on 5 months since I last posted!!!! Time flies when you're busy! I got an "A" in my algebra class! I'm happy about it! I was very determined to get a good grade. I dropped out of my English class, because the teacher was unbelievably horrible! I had to deal with discrimination from her, so half way through the semester with lots of hours and homework and essays under my belt, I had to bow out. I was so, so sick physically for 3 full months, going to class so sick and coughing blood. Once I dropped out, I started getting better, and one day in November my interpreter for my Algebra class noticed that I wasn't coughing anymore. I was amazed at myself, I used to think I was a wimp, but now, I know better. I did not miss one single class through all this, (until I dropped out of Eng. of course)

I have been thinking about my future, about what I want to do. I know most of you know I have wanted to be a nurse for so long, a labor and delivery nurse. I have been fighting with some people who don't think I can do it. I realize now, after looking through the prereqisite for becoming an RN, and the demanding school schedule, that it is not right thing for me to do right now. I have a WONDERFUL school counselor who is so positive and thinks that I can do anything! She suggested that I look into the possibility of going the LVN route. (Licensed Vocational Nurse) So....after talking about it.. it seemed right. I can go to school part time, and if I am able to get certified. Maybe work part time, until my kids are older, then I can consider going back to school and get my RN degree.

Just last week I had an appt. with my counselor about classes that I would need before I can apply for the nursing program. She was able to look at my old transcript from SRJC, and apply it to my current transcript. and said that I would only need 5 more classes before I can get into the nursing program. I was sooo shocked and so thrilled! 5 more classes?? That's all??? Soooo,this coming semester I'm enrolled in a computer class and the same English class that I dropped out of, but with a BETTER teacher! I did some research this time. I found that the teacher I had last semester was the worst ranked teacher in the whole college!!!! Anyway, the 5 classes I need are : English, Anatomy,Psych 9, Speech 9, CIS 1A (computer class). That's it!

I can apply for the nursing program next Feb. I would have to take a nursing class next summer, before the actual program starts next fall. So... Wish me luck! I am so excited beyond words. I feel like I have grown to like myself more as a person. I have fought through all the sickness, and I am proud that I was able to have the courage to get through my 1st semester back at school.

I am currently taking a physical fitness class at school, during the winter semester. It's everyday Mondays thru Thursdays for 2 and half hours. I work on weight training and work on cardio machines. After 4 classes, I didn't lose any weight, I actually gained one pound, but I lost 3 % body fat. So that says something! This class lasts for 6 weeks, I have 4 more weeks to endure! I have been feeling so much better about myself and have a lot more adrenaline. So, I decided to take 2 more PE classes in the Spring. I'm taking Kickboxing and Physical Fitness (same one as I am in now). I feel like I need to continue my exercise, or else I would just go nuts after going 6 weeks with full blown exercising. Hope I can survive! :-)

Anyway, the children are doing very well in school. they are looking forward to having February off! I hope to be able to take them to the beach more, and for walks, now that i have all this energy! Ashley has gotten taller and more mature. Emma is the same old girl with her bankie (blankie) up her nose! Luke is really having a growth spurt!

I'll post some pictures.... I'll have to commit to start blogging again!

Anyway, that's all for now folks!!
Enjoy some pictures!

Here are the kids with the Simmon Kids, (the Simmons came to stay with us for a few days and went trick and treating with us! FUN!)

Arent my kids CUTE? (I'm biased I know!)

Thanksgiving Dinner with our special friend Patty! She's our adopted aunt or grandma! We LOVE her!

We went to the La Brea Tar Pits. It was awesome to see all the fossils of the animals from prehistoric times! Saber tooth cats, huge mammoths etc..

We went to Hollywood, and looked around, walked on the Hollywood walk of fame. whatever thats called! I saw Doris Day, and immediately thought of my dad, and the movie "An Affair to Remember" Andrew and I watched that movie the first day we met at my house! Memories!!!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you started posting again! Looks like you have had a ton going on. You ahve bee able to go so many fun places! I love the hollywood stars!

The Supermanns said...

Glad to see you back. I had almost given up checking... and yes, I agree, you have very cute kids! EM