Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Sunday!!!

We had a great weekend! We were invited by some friends to go camping at San Clemente State Beach. We had so much fun!! The one thing I forgot to pack, was my camera!! I was so sure I had everything in order! Until I was about 25 minutes away from home, i realized my mistake, Oh well!
We went and picked Andrew up from work, then headed on down to San Clemente, which was about half hour South from where he works. We got there around 2pm.. and set up camp quickly, then my children seeing the ocean right there, got antsy and got their swimsuits on as soon as the last nail went on the tents...The beach was about a 5 minute walk from camp. so it was nice to be able to walk...
We saw a whole bunch of dolphins.. it doesn't cease to amaze me how beautiful those animals are, gliding and jumping out of the water. It takes my breath away to watch them.
The girls are 2 silly little fish! they love going in the ocean and body surfing and trying out the boogie board. Andrew went way out in the water, so i thought I'd go and be with him... when I decided to go in.. the water was beginning to get rough and i had a hard time swimming. I think I got stuck in rip currents. I was going sideways.. which is all you can do in a rip current.. and after about half hour of swimming, i got tired of fighting the waves so I decided to get out... When I got out, the waves calmed down, and i was like ummmm what's up? I guess the ocean wanted to battle with me? smile
we had sand every where.. good thing we had showers! After showers the guys started a fire for our foil dinners, I left to go to another campground, My good friend from growing up was camping a mile down from us, so I took the opportunity to go and visit for a bit.
The other family set up a big movie theater, with a while sheet and projector, with a lap top. the kids loved it! There were so many kids from another campground i think 13 kids... who stood at the boundaries of our campground and watched... so we invited them all to come and join us.
I brought stuff to make smores.... of course we must have smores when we go camping right!? smile..
The next day Andrew made pancakes for everybody and we brought OJ and hot chocolate... yummmm....
When we checked out, we went to the beach again... and the kids swam and swam.... for 3 hours. We didn't get burned this time..I brought spray sunscreen so I was pretty vigilant about spraying sun block on them.
We are pretty worn out, but we had a lot of fun! We're now talking about our trip to Utah! We can't wait! We hope to see lots of people while we're there. We're going to take the kids to meet Andrew's Grandma (they've never met her before!) Anyway.. we hope we can do lots of fun stuff while we're there! We leave Friday June 22nd, coming home July 1st.
Well.. Have a good Sunday!!


busyhoneybee said...

you will be in Utah exactly the same days we will be in California. Too bad! Have a great Day! Melissa Andrew

Andrew & Sarah said...

Oh Well! We wouldnt be in Northern CA anyway, you would hae to drive all the way here to Southern CA to see us! smile.. anyway.. Enjoy your visit with your family!!

Chris and Emily Mann said...

Sounds so fun! I'm wishing I could go camping. Miss you all!

sara b said...

We are thinking of going camping in Southern California next year. How did you guys like the campsite? It sounds like you guys had a great time!