Monday, August 6, 2007

We're Still ALIVE!!!

I cant believe it's been almost a month since I last blogged! A lot has happened since the 9th! The kids have been back in school full swing.. They took turns getting the flu- (including me!) They are doing well in their classes and love their teachers! I go and volunteer every week in all the children's classes. I am able to get a sense of where the kids are in comparison to the rest of the class. They are doing fantastic! Their teachers tell me how much they love and enjoy having my kids in their classes. and I can see that they behave well. Luke Just won an award from the principal on Thursday.
I thought it would be embarrassing for the kids to have me come in to their classrooms, but on the contrary- the LOVE it when I come in! The teachers are very appreciative of my help and I do the dirty work for them! Making copies, correcting papers, making homework packets, taking care of homework packets, a few of the many things that I do...
I'm a college student! I am so proud of myself! I'm going back to school- it starts Sept 3rd. I have been busy going to the school and meeting with counselors... getting interpreters set up.. getting myself registered, taking the assessment placement tests.. and today I went to the Department of Rehabilitation office and the school as well. I hope that the Dept of Rehab will be able to pay for my schooling or help.. I'm taking 8 units this semester, Algebra and English.. I'm in the class before English 1A to review my writing skills.. So hopefully I'll be able to do OK and be able to handle the homework load on top of everything else that I need to do. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me!
It's been just over one year since we moved down here! Aug 4th was our one year anniversary! Time flies! I think I am finally adjusting to life here, keeping myself busy with different things.
I am going to have a friend here from Utah for a am looking forward to having her with me! We're going to go to 2 temples, hopefully 3 while she's here. We 're going to go to Newport Beach Temple tomorrow night, and San Diego Temple Wednesday, we still haven't decided if we're going to go to the Los Angeles Temple or not... (lots of driving for me!)
Well... Hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch! I will be posting soon with pictures!

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