Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today Ashley turned 10!!!

We had a very busy day! Ashley invited 2 of her good friends over. We got wooden letters for their intitals.. They painted and decorated them. Andrew made some pizza dough and the kids made their own pizzas. I made brownies and we had ice cream for dessert. We had originally planned to take everyone to the pool, but it was closed, so we went to another pool in Corona, and they weren't letting anymore people in. We didn't feel like it was full at all (but with my experience working at pools for many years, I think it was the lack of staffing as in not enough lifeguards.) So we went back home and decided to get all our water toys out, water guns, waterballoons, and Andrew hosed them off while they were jumping on the trampoline. They seemed to have a ton of fun even though the pools were closed.
Enjoying their pizzas

Having a ball on the trampoline!

Wondering if her wishes will come true!

It was an interesting date, that will never happen again in our lifetime..


Happy Birthday to you Ashley, Wendy, Danielle, and Pamela (tmw)

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Auntie D said...

Happy Birthday My Ashley!!! I love you so much. Your present is on it's way...I'm sorry it's late but I hope you like it.